Please carefully read the terms and conditions set forth below.

General Terms and Conditions - (Version May 2013)

1. Subject

These General Terms and Conditions governing the sale of securities Admission (defined below) for the Bababoom Festival, conducted by \ 'cultural association Bababoom.

2. definitions

To these General Terms and Conditions, the following definitions shall apply, it provided that the definitions in the plural will apply to the relevant term in the singular and vice versa:

Ass.Cult Bababoom: is an APS, social promotion association created to promote the music, entertainment, sports and culture in the country, with registered office in Via Speranza, 37 63023 Fermo Italy

Seasonal partner / customer: the person making the purchase of securities and admission of seasonal share by electronic means (eg websites and tablet / smartphone applications) or by telephone.

Contract is the agreement that is established between the customer / member and the Association, with reference to a specific purchase of securities input, intended governed by these Conditions of Contract, by the various rules set forth in the individual process steps of purchase electronically, when applicable, and the warnings provided in the Entry title purchased.

Bearer of the Title of Entry: is the person who legitimately holds and in accordance with these Terms of a Title of Entry purchased by the customer.

Event: is the manifestation, the spectacle or representation referred to by the title input.

Festival: the event, the show or the representation referred to by the input Title and including an exhibition of the most artists in the context of the same event.

Organizer: is the entity that organizes the event with respect to which the relevant input Title has been issued.

Title of Entry: is the document even in digital format issued by \ 'Association Cultural Bababoom that legitimizes the bearer of the title of access to the venue of the Event Entry.

Place of the Event: it \ 's set of building and land that make up the venue of a specific event.

3. Titles of input and Events

3.1 All Noteholders of input must have a valid Entry Title to enter the venue of the Event. Apply to them the rules applicable to the customer.

3.2 The Entry title must be purchased through the sales channels operated by the association Cultural Bababoom or person authorized by the same marketing of Entry Securities. In case the title of input has been purchased by the customer by persons other than those listed above, or if the Title has been lost input, stolen, duplicated, or obtained contrary to the general conditions of contract, a Holder of the Title of entrance Organizer will not be granted access to the venue of the Event, or will be forced to abandon it.

3.3 The title of input from the customer can not be transferred for consideration or can be brokered.

3.4 Cultural Association Bababoom may, at the request of the Organiser and / or authority responsible for the protection of public order and safety, to cancel an even input Title already issued or executed purchase order, at any time, for technical and / or organizational, or when there are problems at the actual payment by the customer of the purchased input Titles. The customer has the right, in this case of cancellation, the total cost of the refund of the paid entrance Title and other charges paid to \ 'Ass.Cult.Bababoom (but excluding any shipping costs), unless the cancellation actual payment depends on the failure of the securities by the customer input.

4. Payment instruments

Bababoom Cultural Association reserves the right to apply, for security reasons, limitations and exclusions to payment instruments that can be used by the Client for payment of securities purchased input.

5. Price of the Notes Input and service fees

The price of admission Securities is listed on the Entry Title itself, including any rights of pre applied by sales channel authorized by Ass.Cult.Bababoom. Cultural Association Bababoom reserves to apply, on each sales transaction, service fees depending on agreements with the organizers and in any case at its discretion. Any such increases will be explicitly stated in the most suitable manner in correlation with the different sales channels used by Associazione Culturale Bababoom. The price of the Notes of input, as well as service fees and shipping costs, and any other advertised price on the Associazione Culturale Bababoom Site shall be construed inclusive of 'applicable VAT.

6. Cancellation

Do not be refunded by the Organizer, nor the price of admission Securities nor any service fees, in case of cancellation by the Customer to access the event. When selling electronically, it is excluded the right to withdraw pursuant to Article 55 of the Consumer Code.

7. postponed or canceled Event

7.1 If changes occur in the planning and / or timetable of an Event, a Holder of the entrance will have a choice Organiser Title and according to provisions which will be announced by the same, the right to obtain the replacement of own entrance Title or the possible redemption of the same (without prejudice to the provision of paragraph 7.2). The Organizer will in any case be solely responsible for any changes and related provisions made known to them.

7.2 If an event is canceled, the Bearer of the Title relating to that Event input can apply to be reimbursed according to the instructions that will be made by the Organizer notes. Will be refunded only the price of admission Title, excluding any other costs (such as, for example, service fees, shipping costs, the premium of the insurance cover, the cost of the gift box), without prejudice to the following section in relation to the right to advance.

In the event that the organizer were to make use of the option not to pay off the presale fee included in the price of input Title, the amount outstanding as for that law does not in any case exceed 13% of the total price of the Title Input. If delegated to do so by the Organiser, Cultural Association Bababoom will to refund operations, at such time and in the manner decided by the Organiser and to the extent that it has received from the latter the necessary funding. The Securities of input related to these events can not be exchanged with securities related to other input events. Organiser unless otherwise specified, will be in charge of the Holder of the Title of Entry shipping costs incurred in sending the reimbursement request.

7.3 Subject to exceptions decided and made known by the single organizer, in the event that the performance of one or more artists scheduled as part of a festival being canceled without this resulting in the cancellation of the festival as a whole, a Holder of the Title admission will not be entitled to any reimbursement, in whole or in part, in connection with the purchase of the same Title of entry.

7.4 In any case, Cultural Association Bababoom will not replace the title input in the event that they prove misplaced, lost, damaged, damaged or destroyed, or if the input title is stolen or it is even partially illegible.

8. Valet Mode

8.1 In the event of a sale by electronic means, the customer receives the ticket electronically and must be accompanied by an identity document \ 's the festival entrance, i

9. Limitation of Liability and Cultural Rights Association Bababoom

Except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence, Cultural Association Bababoom assumes no responsibility for the expenses and damages, direct and indirect, of any nature, suffered by you in connection with the sale of securities input. Cultural Association Bababoom also reserves the right to withdraw, modify, suspend or interrupt any function or service from the same made in connection with the sale of securities input, where this is necessary or appropriate for technical and / or organizational reasons.

10. Prohibitions

The Securities Input can not be used for political, commercial, advertising or other promotional reasons (such as, for example, prize competitions) unless prior written permission of Cultural Association Bababoom.

11. General

11.1 Even in the event that any of the standards set forth in these general terms and conditions is unenforceable, the other will continue to have full effect.

11.2 The Contract is subject to Italian law. Shall be deemed competent to decide any and all disputes arising out of or connected with the Agreement and these General Terms and Conditions, the Court of Fermo.

11.3 These General Terms and Conditions, the various rules set forth in the various stages of the sales process through electronic means, when applicable, and warnings on the back of the entrance Title constitute the entire contractual agreement between the customer and Cultural Association Bababoom.